About Pauline 
 Dip App Sc. BHSc
Hello, I have a Diploma in Applied Science (1990) and a Bachelor in Health Science (2000). 

From my 28 years of experience as a naturopath I have learnt health is connected to what we eat, the level of daily stress we're exposed to and physical activity. Stress is a big umbrella that can encompass many explanations, but to me it is simply that which we don't like or enjoy but do.

My hobbies are creative writing and very occasionally picking up the guitar and making noise (can't possibly call it playing). I love karate (I'm a 1st Dan black belt). We grow our own fruit and vegetables at home. I love watching the seeds turn into seedlings then becoming what we eat. I meditate at least twice a day as I find this brings clarity into my life.

I have completed my first fantasy novel titled Veronica's Dreaming which can be purchased on Kindle as an eBook.
Naturopath, diet, herbal medicine, IVF, iridology, homoeopathy, massage, increase energy, improve immune system